Who Are We?


Thermosolutions Group is the main manufacturer of water heaters in Central America and the Caribbean. Our company has been creating hot water solution for over 60 years from San José, Costa Rica.


Thermosolutions Group is focused to solving any specific need in terms of water heating; therefore, it supplies products both for residential and commercial centers. In virtue of the above, our product portfolio includes solar heaters, high recovery instantaneous water heaters, tankless gas water heaters, accumulation electric and gas water heaters, as well as innovation with applications to reduce the consumption of electricity.


Technological innovation is our company’s backbone: in virtue of which, our Technology and Development Department is constantly creating new applications that generate quality, confidence, savings, and environmental sustainability.



Our Products

Solar Water Heater

It is a system used by the sun’s radiation in the form of heat to warm up the water, which is stored in a thermally isolated tank.

How does the Solar Water Heater work?

The Thermosyphon effect is a circular thermal movement where the greater the difference in temperature between the water in the collector and the water stored in the tank, the faster the water flows through the circuit.  By observing the figure hereinafter, you can understand better the thermosyphon effect.


As the sun warms the collector, the stored water increases its temperature, it reduces its specific weight, or dilates it, and becomes lighter in weight, and thus tends to rise up to the tank’s superior part, while the cold water, which is heavier, passes to the lower part, where it begins to heat up. The circulation of the water is totally natural, due to which reason it requires a circulator pump.


Who can use a solar water heater?

Homes, hotels, laundromats, industries, hotels, clinics, etc.


What are the advantages of acquiring a solar heater?

  • It allows the saving of electric energy
  • It provides safe and reliable hot water 24 hours per day.
  • Technology in favor of the environment.
  • Economical (it pays itself)
  • You recover your investment at a short term due to the savings in the consumption of electricity.
  • It functions perfectly for over 15v years, even in a tropical climate.
  • Reliable, just open the cock and you will have hot water immediately.

Can you get hot water in cloudy days?

Yes, whenever there many days with no sun or with rain, you can use it with an electric back-up.


What maintenance does a solar heater require?

Under normal circumstances, no maintenance whatsoever is necessary. In the case of extended dry seasons, the dust from the collector’s surface must be eliminated, and if the water is very hard, you must carry out an in depth cleaning to eliminate lime incrustations.

Do I need a specialized technician to install it?

It is highly recommended. Thermosolutions Group has a group of technicians who are specialists in installations.


Important aspects when installing.


The collector should go from South to East


There should not be any construction object that can project a shadow over the installation at any time during the day or during any time of the year.


Should there exist a water collection tank, the lower part thereof should be higher than the upper part of the storage tank in order for the thermofusion effect to act naturally.


Look for qualified and experienced personnel that guarantee its installation.


System’s guarantee.


The manufacturing guarantee for components of the thermosyphon-type solar system is of:

3 years for the water storage tank.
3 years for the solar collector
1 year for installation


Photovoltaic Energy

ThermoSolutions presents its new line of photovoltaic systems that will permit you to considerable lower your electric bill.

Photovoltaic equipment should have an extensive useful life of over 20 years, which will make your investment in savings more lasting.

We advise you with the system that adapts itself to your needs, either to reduce home expenses or to make your business more rentable.

Call telephone N° 6196-9861 or send an e-mail to osolano@thermosolutionsgroup.com to request it or to coordinate a visit to the site or send documents,
whichever the case.




How does it work?

The Solar Panel permits the absorption of the energy coming from the sun in the form of photons that activate the properties of its components, permitting the generation of a continuous electric current that is transformed by means of an inverter to alternate current.


Panels: They receive solar radiation and convert it into energy (DC)
Inverter: It converts DC current to AC and synchronizes it with the electric network.
Generation meter: It accounts the energy produced by the Photovoltaic system.
Electric Panel: It distributes solar energy to charges.
Electric Charges: They consume solar energy.
Bidirectional Meter: It measures the injection and consumption of energy (Net Metering)
Electric Network: Distributed Generation Norm.










Service and Sales’ Center

Seek advice from professionals to acquire the adequate equipment for your home or business.

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Address: West side of the Red Cross in Santa Ana
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